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One Day Retreats

The Wallis Trust is committed to upholding the vision of Mrs Margaret Wallis, which was to give an opportunity for the wider Ecumenical Church Communities to deepen spirituality through Christian Retreats.

The Trustees of the Wallis Trust would like to offer Parishes within the wider Wellington Community the opportunity to hold One Day Retreats. To enable this, the Trust will pay the costs of the Retreat leaders chosen from the attached list.

If your parish would like to hold such a Retreat, you would provide the venue, refreshments, advertising and administration to run such an event. The number attending would need to be 20 people or more.

The Wallis Trust contribution would be to cover the cost of travel and payment of any fee for the Retreat Leader. The Retreat Leaders would liaise directly with the Parish.

The Wallis Trustees; Bishop Justin Duckworth, Archdeacon Judy Hardie, Mrs Joy Cowley and Mr Graham Millar have compiled a list of some people who are willing and able to provide such events.

List of Retreat Leaders with a short resumé.    pdf file

Retreats Brochure    pdf file

You are welcome to contact a Retreat Leader directly, to talk and see if they would be suitable for what your Parish is seeking and make arrangements regarding venues and times. If you would also contact the Wallis Trust Secretary, Rebecca Apperley email to advise you are interested in holding a Retreat, then the Wallis Trust financial contribution can be in place.

We do hope this creates an opportunity to deepen and enhance Christian spirituality in your church and community.


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